Alexandra Muller

Alexandra Muller

Associate Director, Materials

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Alex works on both the Declare and Living Product Challenge programs. For Declare she works with manufacturers interested in pushing ingredient transparency in the building products industry. Her role as the Associate Director, Materials allows her the opportunity to engage with manufacturers interested in creating products that give, rather than take. Alex enjoys learning from the individual and collective experiences of manufacturers piloting Living Products, while helping to guide them through certification. Alex graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Delaware. After conducting fieldwork in Costa Rica and working at a small water quality and land preservation nonprofit on eastern Long Island, Alex returned to pursue her Master’s degree in Sustainability & Technology, as part of a dual-degree international program based out of Purdue University. She found her niche working on the materials research (and ultimately construction) for a tiny home project, as well as vetting materials for an LBC-registered project at Purdue. Her thesis research looks at manufacturer perspectives on material health evaluation and transparency measures in the building products industry. In her spare time she travels, draws small scenes and always has a tattered crossword puzzle somewhere in her possession.

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